Radionics Animals and Healing

Radionics Animals and Healing

Radionics Animals and Healing

Radionics and Animals.

Animals respond particularly well to radionics because they always want to be well, although they have their own individual personalities. They do not carry emotional baggage that we humans carry with us all the time. Animals also love unconditionally, which means they have fewer blockages in a subtle bodies, they are therefore open and unaware of receiving radionics healing. This in itself eliminates the sceptic’s that say that radionics is just a placibo effect.

Animals are not aware of the radionics, as a treatment on their hair sample. Cynics would have you believe that the surrogate influence of the owner over the animal could act as a placebo. How then do you explain the successful treatment of many wild animals treated by radionics?

We allow, although it is frowned upon now to practice factory farming and to inflict incredible cruelty on animals, supposedly for the benefit of medical research, yet it is against the law for anyone other than a veterinary surgeon to treat a sick animal. Even the owner of an animal cannot treat their own pet when it is unwell and, according to the veterinary surgeon act of 1966 owners face a stiff fine if found using any unorthodox methods such as radionics.

Our pets are subject to the same environmental conditions such as pollutants, chemicals, microwave energies, processed and substandard foods etc. Is it not surprising that our pets are suffering from the same problems that we as humans have to endure? It has become so commonplace for our pets to become ill through the above-mentioned pollution. Pets and domestic animal insurance has become a must for everyday living instead of just for serious operations or very complicated treatments.

Radionic Treatment of Wild Animals

Most animals have the group consciousness or herd instinct and appear to be governed by instantaneous mental communication. Whatever affects one has an immediate impact upon the others, no matter how many animals are in the hurdle flock. For example, a flock of birds will all leave the ground instantaneously when startled it is not a one go, then another, then another, then another. It is as if these animals are mentally attuned to one another and act as a group consciousness. This situation is ideal for radionics treatment.

It is well known that the energy centres or chakras influence the activities of the glands and organs system of the body, as it is with animals. Radionics practitioners of animals also have to have a good understanding of the systems of the entry centres and meridians that vary accordingly to the groups or types of animals being treated.

Horses, the treatment of horses Can be a little more difficult due to the complex systems of the joint connections. Also, the horse appear to have considerable perception and connection to the enlightened rider. The practitioner has to take into consideration the special head energy centres that only existing horses. It can also be beneficial to treat of the horse and rider to encourage a greater connection.

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