Radionics, It’s Birth

Radionics is not ESP Extra Sensory Perception; it is not mumbo jumbo nor is it telepathy. Radionics uses the normal functions of the mind integrated with physical laws and science to make connections with the Universal Consciousness, preferably in the void. The void part is important as it counteracts Time and Space. This allows healing to be performed at any distance and without Time distorting the outcome.

Radionics makes almost anything your mind can conjure up possible. Radionics can transform your desires, emotions and needs into material objects or healing opportunities.

That means that with radionics you can perform tasks and connections that Psychics and Scientist cannot achieve and it does not come from your brain, but from mind and the mighty Universal Consciousness, without training or psychic abilities or psychic gifts. Everyone is born with psychic abilities but not everyone has remembered or learned how to use these senses to achieve connections and visions of the future or the past.

This all sounds fantastical and science fiction orientated, new or alien influenced but it has been around for many thousands of years. Let’s take a look at the Great Pyramids at Giza. We would struggle or find it impossible to construct a replica of the Giza Pyramids even with today’s technology and heavy lifting gear. Yet we are led to believe that gangs of men pulled these massive lumps of rock many hundreds of feet in the air, position them and fit them together with laser precision, using only primitive tools to shape the stones.

I believe a form of Radionics was used by the builders and mystics of the time to levitate and shape these massive stones by manipulating the construction of the material used. You have to see the pure precision and fit in the construction of the Egyptian Temples to comprehend the skill that was used, to construct said temples is mind blowing and awesome. I appreciate that the rock used in the construction is relatively soft but you can walk 20 meters along a wall and not find a space to wedge a coin in a gap, that is precision that would be very hard to replicate in today’s world even with a plainer to level the stones surfaces.

If you manipulated the structure of the rock to make it flat and then levitate it into position it all makes sense. It just messes with our minds as it seems like Witchcraft or Sorcery and in some ways it is similar or a way that we can comprehend it. Everything is energy even the chair you are sitting on, or the rock of the Pyramids.

We can manipulate water energy, by heating water we turn the water into steam. By cooling water we produce ice. Therefore we can change water, a liquid into a gas by heating it, or by cooling water we change it into a solid. So manipulation of energy is possible, yes?

If we manipulate or agitate the molecules of the rock it is possible to make the outer surface flat or ‘melt’ to create a perfect joint between two surfaces. I will leave it there for you to contemplate and ruminate. I will just bring up one other aspect of life which will challenge many of you, I am sure!

Our thoughts create the environment we live in and the lives we live. We create this ourselves, so if you think you have been dealt a rough hand in life, you only have yourself to blame! Life doesn’t do it to you. You do it to yourself. So if you are fed up with your life change it, you have the power to do it, but perhaps not the knowhow or the knowledge. For generations we have been programed by our parents, siblings, teachers, governments and businesses that it is HARD, you have to work HARD to achieve anything. Nothing comes easy, these statements are drummed into us at a very young age and they become part of our very fabric of life and we create it for ourselves, over and over again. Then the ego clicks in “we tried that out already in the past and it failed. So we won’t try that again because it will fail.”

You now have a scenario that; Everything is HARD but we will not try anything new because we failed last time and we will fail this time, as well, so just keep doing what we are doing now, even though it is HARD. I don’t deserve freedom because freedom is not a struggle or hard and it has to be hard or it is worthless. Can you see the conditioning we undergo is so powerful; we cannot succeed because it is wrong not to struggle.

I hear you say “if you gave me a million pounds I would be happy and successful.” I accept that it may ease the ‘struggle’ side a bit but if you could not modify your thinking and conditioning you would be soon parted from your million pounds.

All we have to do is change direction, flick the switch and we are free! We can then make free and easy money and feel good about it. Have a life of leisure because it is easy and life flows and it is easy, there is no struggle. This is where Radionics comes in to the equation, Radionics works 24/7. You can concentrate for about 5 seconds, if you are lucky before another thought comes in. If you try to concentrate too much Ego will pop in and make you lose concentration and bring in thought after thought to stop you gaining space to think of something new. This is what happens when you first start to meditate or just try to still your mind.

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