Radionic Manifestation Health to Wealth

Radionic Manifestation Health to Wealth

Radionic Manifestation Health to Wealth


When the energy is outside of your body you can manipulate it into energy forms to manifest your hearts desires. You manifest on a daily basis, you are just not aware of it. You actually manifest your life and surrounding, your life is you’re doing, not anybody else’s. Things don’t get thrust upon you by outside influences; it is you who makes it happen. If you want change, you can do it, you created what you have now, so just flick the switch and it can all change, just like that.

The point is, YOU LISTEN, you accept yourself, and you act on what you express yourself, whether what you express is empowering or disempowering and positive or negative. You by your personal thoughts decide what you desire to create; you increase emotion to it, and allow the universe to bring it to you. Make a list of things you are grateful for, things that went well, things that you usually take for granted, possibly, at the end of each day. To learn how to effectively manifest your thoughts into reality, you have to understand what thought is and learn how the thought manifestation process works. You are mentally preparing yourself to enjoy the good things in life, when you create luxury at home.


Pure alchemy exists within the energetic balance of the 3 ‘Ds’ Desire, Determination and Drive. Radionics can greatly enhance the whole process by covering the ‘Determination’ and the ‘Drive’ but you have to supply the ‘Desire’. The radionics machine cannot supply the desire as that is a thought form from your Mind. The Universe wants to, and does give you what you ask for, but you just don’t know how to ask for what you really want. You are programed and conditioned to expect everything to be hard or difficult but in reality it is so easy.

You still must be able to shift what you create with your mind back to some physical outcome. The ego has to take a supporting role and not the lead role, as it has in the past, to manifest your desires. Your core personality remains centred with the infinite Source, or your mind, instead of your ego, when you are non-attached to your desire, this gives the Universe the green light to bring to you the life you desire rather than the one you created out of ego and ignorance.

The Universe does not know the difference between positive and negative it has no judgement or a sense of right and wrong. The universe just delivers good or bad, positive or negative, right or wrong. Why is that so? Because we live in a duality existence of extremes just like a pendulum swinging randomly driven by your ego. The core of who you are is your soul or your MIND which has infinite potential.

As we go about our daily lives we have thoughts come into our head every few seconds and if you try to still them or try to concentrate on one thought it gets worse there is more and more chatter. Try it now; concentrate on one single thought for as long as you can before another thought comes in, it will be about 5 seconds unless you put some passion behind it, but even then you can feel thoughts bubbling in the back ground just waiting to burst in. You can no longer live your life in the role of victim. Meditation can help to gain that space needed to think, to react out of logic or knowing and not just the automatic response that is programed into us from a very early age.

Radionics covers the ‘thought time’ and the ‘determination’ as it has no ego or pre planning programed built in. The only programing is the programme you give it which sends your desires out into the universe continually giving your thought energy, commitment, determination for as long as required. How long could you send energy, commitment and determination for? How long did you last earlier on just a thought?

All you have to do now is program your radionics machine with your desires, your thought forms. Easy! Just be careful what you ask for as you will get it. Word of warning! What you ask for may not be what you want or get. You have to be very specific in your request because as I mentioned earlier the universe does not judge or know right from wrong. Let me give you an extreme case to put the point across.

If you had constant nagging pain in your leg and your desire was to be rid of the pain. The universes answer could be in an extreme and very quick result, to lose your leg due to an accident that very afternoon. Result achieved no nagging pain after the leg has healed. The universe has delivered what you asked for, no more nagging pain in your leg, the universe didn’t know you wanted to keep your leg you didn’t ask for that, just to be rid of the pain. This is an extreme situation but just to highlight what can happen, so just be careful.

You likely know a person who is a great at manifesting. When you truly accept, the universe supports you in everything you do, need, and desire. Never focus on what you hate, do not want, or do not like because you will manifest them, as true as eggs are eggs. Negative emotions seem to be much stronger in their origins than positive emotions this is due to the conditioning by our peers, ‘things are hard’ and ‘you don’t get anything unless you work for it’. These are all control mechanisms to keep the population under control and working to give power to the elite few people who run the world. If everyone knew that life was easy and the universe will supply them with all their needs the planet would be more loving and tolerant with each other. That would need some fundamental changes in education, government policy and population consciousness. You can change and the trickle affect will start.

Create the life you want instead of the life you have.

Happy Manifesting!

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