Radionic Machines and Devices

Radionic Machines and Devices

Radionic Machines and Devices

"For we were brought up and conditioned to believe that science either knew all the answers, or was just about to find them. It seems clear now that a huge slice of knowledge has been left out"
T.C. Lethbridge

The two main questions I get asked are

1 Why hasn’t the box got electricity or what powers the device if there are no batteries?
2 What is the difference between the 7 dial box and the 3 dial and the single dial Radionics boxes?

Answer to Question 1

There are many types of Radionics devices offered for sale in the world. Some devices have electricity and others don’t. As I stated in the Home Page . The Mind is not physical and the mind takes the whole process out of the time restraints. Eliminate time and processes are accomplished at greater speed, healing can be instantaneous.
Science now accepts that the aura of a person exists, it has taken time for scientist to identify this long known fact. It is believed by Dr Harold Saxton Burr, at the prestigious Yale University School of medicine that the aura (Auric Field) or Life Field (later shortened to L Field) is the mind and is the mould that produces the physical body we exist in. If you cannot accept that statement, just hold on to it for later.
If you were to introduce electricity into the equation you would also introduce the time factor back in to the system. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for electricity in radionics boxes, but not if they used as mind machines. The beauty of mind machine radionics, is the time factor is eliminated, hence instant healing or as quick as possible.

Answer to question 2.

The difference between the single, three dial and seven dial radionics machines is to do with the accuracy of obtaining the frequency required. With a single dial radionics box, there is only one dial to obtain the frequency, so the results are not as precise as they could possibly be, unless you are using the single dial radionics box with the handheld Beamer’s as this brings a whole new dimension to the box.
If we take a look at the seven dial radionics box, there are two banks of three dials. Each bank of three dials is associated with its adjoining copperplate and the seventh dial in between the two banks of three dials is used to tune the user into the box. So by using three dials we can achieve a much finer tuning of the frequency required.
The same applies to the three dial box, one dial is associated with each plate and the centre dial is used to tune the user into the box. Again, only having a single dial associated with the plate it is harder to get an accurate frequency that is required for the job in hand, again unless you are using the three dial version with the handheld Beamer’s.

Electronic radionics machines are ideal if the time factor is not important. This is ideal for eradicating pests from crops or changing weather patterns etc. These scenarios are actions in present time, in the moment, so the time factor cannot or does not need to be shortened. If you are using an electronic radionics machine for healing the normal timeframe or recovery would be expected. The healing is still achieved, but the time frame has not changed from conventional healing.

Electronic Radionics machines do have a very important role to play, if the time factor isn’t so important. If you need accelerated time frame, such as instant healing or short time healing, then I would recommend using a mind Radionics machine.

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